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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm so excited!!

My friend, Arlee Barr, has just finished
setting up for her solo exhibit
entitled 'The Artist's Body'
which will be on display at the
Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts
in Calgary, Alberta

The show will open April 9th
and will run through to May 30th

I'm so happy for her and so wish I could be there in person to see it! The best I can do is see the pictures here. Please go and have a look, and if you are anywhere near Calgary go and see the real thing because I know you will be glad you did. Her work is awe-some!!


  1. Oh how much fun for her...I will take a peek for sure.

    Just wanted to thank you so much for your caring comments you left on my blog concerning my daughter's migraines...I so appreciate you thoughtfulness. Yes so far advil is what we give her as soon as she gets her blurry eye which tells us a migraine is on its is good because it makes her sleepy and sleep so helps her.

    Hugs to you my friend...what a blessing you are. Off to view your friends work. xoxoxo

  2. how sad you can't go to Arlee's exhibition, is it so very far away? i hope she does well. |<.

  3. OH WOW!!!! I would love to see that, especially since it is anatomically based work. I love the use of anatomy in art (would have loved to have been a medical illustrator!) and it seems few artisis do it well.
    I'm on a short time schedule this a.m. but will check this out thoroughly!
    Thanks for the link!


  4. Thanks SIS!!!! I too wish ya were here! You could be my moral support and carry me home after the reception in May when i drink too much because i don't know what to say:}

  5. WOW! this looks wonderful. Congrats to Arlee. Such a lot of work .... I'm sure it will go well.


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