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Monday, April 05, 2010

Denim jacket - part the two

Above is a photo of the other front piece (I did crop it, honest I did, but it didn't translate to the blog). I love that piece of 'Xs' and it fits nicely in that place.

Below is the back. I know it looks pretty plain at the moment, but the next step is to topstitch all the seams using proper jean thread (I use yellow because it looks most like the *real* thing).


  1. This is coming along very nicely! I'll bet the yellow thread just makes the whole pop when it is done.
    Bravo to your patience on a project like this!


  2. i was wondering if the back is also pieced and it is. it looks wonderful and now i'm wondering if the zipper reveals a true pocket or just a tease. |<.

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hello Magpie! :-)
    Re: my daughter's housecleaning episode! She lives 2 1/2 hours away so she can't throw anything at me! LOL! What a mess she had!

    Have a really nice day!


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