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Monday, April 12, 2010

'Before' the re-do

These are a couple of 'before' pictures in our bedroom. DH has decided that he is finally ready to start painting so last week everything got moved out and he's busily working.
The room is pretty much finished, with the exception of a border print, which wasn't in the initial plans but has become necessary. We found out that using stencil paint to stencil a border way back when was NOT a good idea. Nothing wants to completely cover it, despite using a really good quality primer. So...a border to the rescue. I'll post 'after' pictures in a few days so you can see the difference.

Of course, once he gets into the groove, he goes to town and works on all sorts of jobs. Right now the wooden cabinet we have the tv in has been moved to the bedroom and he's painting that. Next up will be the hallway. I'm trying to stay out of the road so he isn't tempted to paint me too!!


  1. Is that a supermarket shopping basket on the floor with books in it? :-)))

  2. It won't be long now, you'll be able to crawl out of that paint tin that you're currently sleeping in. I'm sure he's doing a really lovely job of it. K.


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