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Friday, April 23, 2010

Next steps on the jacket

Finally got back to working on the jacket and have added all the machine stitched decorative elements.  Pockets and labels are added here and there for interest.  The two front pieces are shown in the top picture and the back is in the bottom one.  At least I HOPE that's the way it is, because evidently the great mystery of the weird language instead of picture debacle of the past couple of days has been solved - with what appears to be an 'updated' version, which is a whole other learning curve!  Hopefully this will publish the way I want it to.

Now it's on to the metallic buttons and remaining decorations on the shell of the jacket.


  1. you put such a lot of creative thought and effort into those jackets....i really admire you for it. just amazing. k.

  2. It's getting very interesting now MA what a talking point it will be when you have finished.

  3. I'm spotting one heck of a lot of blue jeans in this jacket!! I can hardly wait to see it finished! Do you embroider or bead at the end of it, or just leave them as is? I'm thinking a bit of lace would be nice as well. I remember seeing two embellished crazy quilts made from old jeans (many years ago, no pics). The quilter/instructor had made one for her niece and the other for her nephew. They were just beautiful, especially the girly one!

  4. I really like the use of the pockets and labels in conjunction with the embroidery. It really makes it stand out from the normal embroideried denim patchwork.
    I cannot imagine sewing all that denim; I always hated having to try and repain my jeans, let alone work with denim!
    Someday I'll post the decorative pants I did when I got too fat for my drawers and needed something bright and splashy to wear.... ;)


  5. Looking good MaryAnne. When you do embellishing on it do you use heavier type threads? I could see the finer ones getting lost in the fabric. Finding that out on the velvets - making a larger second pincushion and I find it is hard for some threads to show up.

    I like the pockets and tags.



  6. Ooooooo, this is looking very cool, MA!

  7. This is really neat !! I love it !



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