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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yeah, right about now I wish we could 'stuff' the paint cans and the mess somewhere so I don't have to look at them!! We're actually going to be able to sleep in our own bedroom tonight (I hope), so there's progress being made. The rest of the house looks like a cyclone hit though. DH is frustrated because the 'new' doorbell we bought doesn't work, which he found out AFTER he had it installed. Now we have to return it and, of course, we didn't buy it locally. Sigh.

I also want to re-read all the treasured letters and cards I've kept over the years - they are my memories. I don't keep them all, but the ones I have are special. I want to be able to read my great great grandfathers' diary and I want to be able to read my own. Computers (and all the other technologies out there) are wonderful things and I love my connections through the internet, but there is no way it can replace the pleasure the actual written word brings.

Has anybody heard of/done something called 'Shirret'? It's a form of crocheting using strips of fabric. It looks like it would be great for using up scraps and would make gorgeous rugs and maybe some interesting tote bags (depending on the width of the fabric strips). It requires a special type of crochet hook though - which is something else I will be putting on my 'wish list'. I'm adding a book called 'The Art of Shirret' by Louise McCrady to my list too.


  1. Hi MaryAnne

    I can vaguely recall crocheting with strips of fabric to make bowls, rugs, etc. if that is the same thing. I don't remember what type of hook we used. didn't know it had a name either.

    Hope your place gets back to normal soon. Drives you crazy.



  2. sleep well tonight, in your own newly painted bedroom. |<.

  3. Hey MA,

    Thanks for the shout-out on the writing post (followed, in my usual form, by the hideous monkey pic and puns....)!!!
    I really think a lot of people miss letters; I know I become sick of junk mail and bills in the mail box.
    I miss the old office stores that sod stationery and beautiful fountain pens----if you want a SHOCK, go search fountian pens on-line and see the prices!!! (I succumbed to a cheap one and a bottle of ink....)
    And I would hope beyond hope that I do not live to see the day of books no longer being bound and made of paper.....
    There is another post on it! LOL!!!
    Sorry about the house problems but glad you're back in your own room to sleep. That makes life a bit easier!



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