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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

of awards, and beauty of several sorts

A couple of garden photos, just to prove that spring MUST be here. We had snow flurries on the weekend though.
I was SO honoured on the weekend to have a lovely award bestowed on my blog by Anne (see her blog here). The 'One Lovely Blog' award is mine! I'm sorry I have no clue how to put up the button to actually show the fact, but I'm so happy to know someone likes my mumblings enough to give me an award. Thank you Anne!

This is a lovely spring day here, so I'm going to point you towards some absolutely lovely work. Karen Ruane is an inspiration with whatever she does, but currently she's working on a new series of embroideries that she's turning into wee books. So beautiful and you have to go and see what she's doing!

Anne Marie is another inspiring artist and she has just completed a piece of art that you will want to see! There are a number of posts showing close-ups of this piece, but I will direct you to the one that shows the entirety. She's a relatively new blogger, so I'm sure she'd appreciate you saying hi and leaving a comment. Go here.

Enjoy the day!

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  1. Just copy and save the image from my sidebar, then go to your layout, it will say *Add item*, click and choose *Picture*--upload from your computer.
    You have the option of adding text.

    Love your daffodils and the forsythia! So bright and cheery yellow!!!



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