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Friday, April 02, 2010

Denim jacket - beginning

I thought, for a change of pace, I would show you a little about how I go about making one of my recycled denim jackets. In the photo above you (hopefully) can see the beginning of how I piece the sections together. The plain blue cotton you see at the bottom of the picture is what I use for stabilizer. You can use any fabric for this part, because it will be entirely covered up. Great way to use up those pieces you hate!

Below you can see the base of one of the fronts is finished and ready for embellishment. If you click on the picture hopefully you will be able to see the basting I have done which shows me where the jacket pieces will be cut out. I use this as a guide only because once all the extra stitching is done sometimes the piece will draw in a little. When I have completed the stitching, then I will cut the exact pieces.
Below is a closeup of a couple of the elements I have used. I'm pretty sure my customer will like the rose because she enjoys gardening.


  1. Wow MA that's a lot of work you are doing.

  2. Looking good. You make a good teacher. Nice idea to share progress on the jacket.

  3. I appreciate you sharing this as you go along. Maybe one day I will try one.



  4. thankyou for sharing how you go about this creation MA. I understand a little now and it's really beautiful. |<.

  5. Oh you talent thing...this will be amazing. Make sure you show us when it is done. oxoxo

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Best of luck with your jacket!
    PS I love the vintage ABC pages too!

  7. Isn't it amazing that there is such a variety of 'denim'?
    This is a mammoth work. The embroidery will make it spectacular.

  8. I have fallen in LOVE! I love your coats. Are these from a store bought pattern or have you developed your own?

  9. Roxie? I don't know if you will see this (hopefully you will) are set to 'no reply' so I'm not able to answer you any other way...
    you can use pretty much any store-bought pattern you like, provided it doesn't have any fitting details ie. darts). A plain basic pattern works very well.


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