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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of 'those' days

I think I've mentioned before that my mother used to have an expression she used when she was having a bad day..."I should have stood in bed". Well, today was one of 'those' days. DH and I decided it would be a good day to do our grocery shopping (the store we prefer is over half an hour away). It's pouring rain and it was a case of Mother Hubbard's cupboards were getting bare. So...we set out. Over half way there it suddenly dawned on me that we don't get paid until tomorrow!! Oops...can't get groceries. Neither one of us even thought of the date when we set out. Oh least the car got washed.
The picture today is a re-tread of one I had on here many moons ago, but I know I have some new readers who haven't seen them. Enjoy!


  1. at least you realized before filling the cart and standing in line at the checkout! :-)

  2. Did you make those gorgeous babes? One of these days I'm hoping for a granddaughter (too many boy germs going on at the moment with my two angel babies) and would love to get into making these creatures. Love the copper autumnal ATC, btw, it reeks optimism and warmth.

  3. I went to the supermarket once when I was first married and got to the checkout-unloaded the groceries and they were half way through being rung up and I went to get my purse and it wasn't there.
    I panicked and then I remembered I had put it in the fridge for safe keeping(don't ask why you really don't want to know)
    but the look on the checkout chicks face was priceless when I said "I've left my purse in the fridge".
    Had to find a phone--no money to make a call---borrow some money to make a call to my husband to come to the rescue.
    Ah those were the days--- *#+#*

  4. Love those dolls...just adorable..My fingers are itching to start another doll but I've got so many UFO's ... oh dear!

  5. Way to look on the bright side. Your dolls are awesome. What fun personalities. Thanks for posting again. They were new to me.


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