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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Grandma's Lace

Today I have two pictures of some old lace I have in my collection. All of these were made by my grandmother who passed away in the early 1960's. I have a number of the motifs in the top picture that are loose the these pictured here are joined together with some dark brown crocheting (which I suspect might have been done by my mother). These pieces are also by my grandmother...I have a number of the square motifs (all loose). The strip in the middle is knitted and was most probably meant to trim a pillowcase. The bottom piece is crocheted and also for a pillowcase.


  1. you could do a whole CQ with grandma's lace as the only lace used! great treasures to ahve :-)

  2. I'm in 2 minds about preserving old lace. On one hand it's lovely to have as an example of your grandma's handiwork and should be kept intact in a memory box (that's the archivist talking!)
    Then there's the other opinion that it should be used and seen and appreciated. Perhaps you could use some to trim a country doll's clothes, or in CQ blocks, or on a memories wall hanging... lots of ideas for the craft minded.
    Decisions, decisions. Perhaps you could do a little of both without destroying the whole pieces?

    Thanks for sharing your treasures,

  3. What beautiful lace. I'm always amazed that anyone had the time or patience to make such delicate work.

  4. I'm not sure what size the edging lace in particular is, but one thing I have done as a gift with some similar Belgian lace was to frame it on a dark background (velvet). I was able to form the lace into the initials of the recipient and it went over quite well.


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