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Friday, September 26, 2008

Spinning Wheels & Threading Needles

Anyone who happened to see some black smoke issuing forth from this direction must have tuned in to my thought waves this afternoon. I was trying to sew on a Christmas present (I can't show you what it is!) and things were NOT going well. My machine was arguing mightily about stitching through anymore than two layers of fabric. I rethreaded it numerous times (muttering, which then evolved to full-fledged cursing) because the thread kept breaking. I changed tension, I cleaned the machine, I tried a new needle, I tried a different spool of thread...a different bobbin. Nothing worked. I even resorted to hauling out machine #2 (which hasn't seen the light of day for at least five years...and didn't want to see it today either, I might add). Finally, my little pea brain registered that maybe...just maybe...sewing through numerous layers of fabric (one of which was denim) MIGHT just go better with the use of a jeans needle. Success!! Now, can somebody tell me why it took me over two hours to figure that out???

The picture above is in our garden, and the one below is an atc I made with a fall theme.


  1. Oh I hear you -- done everything under the sun that might solve a sewing problem but the right thing sooo often! At least you know your machine is clean :-)

  2. Pick me -Pick me-I can tell you------you were having a senior moment again.

  3. Isn't it always the way! I've done the same thing, and you'd think that after over 35 years of machine sewing experience (some at a professional level) that I'd learn to check the needle before anything else! I tend to sew with 2sizes and don't even OWN a Jeans needle. But then I was mainly sewing evening wear using no. 10 needles. Hope you successfully finish your project soon, it would be tempting to sideline it after such problems.


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