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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two colour roses

Yet another picture from our garden. This little rose is bravely blooming at the foot of some iris'. I was quite fascinated with the fact that both blooms are on the same plant, but are so different.
I spent today sewing with a couple of friends (actually I crocheted). Jacquie is working on a denim quilt for her youngest son using 3 1/2" squares I cut from my scraps leftover from making the bags and the jackets. Great use for my scraps! Julie was working on finishing a beautiful (albeit small) quilt top she found at the thrift store. She's putting a wide border on it and then giving it to her 94 year old mother to quilt. What a great way to make her mother feel useful and what an heirloom to pass down in the family. I worked on a Christmas present (that I can't show...yet). We 'did lunch' and had a grant time chatting. Tomorrow I have another crafty day to look forward to with other friends...I'm lucky!!


  1. Beautiful roses. I can't believe that a lady of 94 is still quilting! I am impressed that she can see well enough to thread a needle.

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    beautiful flowers - sounds like a fun day and another one planned - lucky you!


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