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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I finished working on the latest Corpse piece this afternoon and then did some playing around. The first picture shows a piece of 'packing' from a box of chocolates and what happened when I ironed it between two pieces of parchment paper (on the bottom left) and zapped it with a heat gun (bottom right). The ironing took the shimmer out of the paper and left a few holes in it. The heat gun, in a split second, shrivelled it up into a hard clump. Next I played with a piece of gift wrap which is blue on one side & silver on the other (mylar, perhaps?). Original 'stuff' is the large piece, ironed bit is at the bottom of the picture, and the heat gun created the lovely textured bit on the right. This I really liked! The heat gun won this round.
Finally, I worked with some more gift wrap - in a lovely copper colour. Maybe mylar again...not sure. The top of the photo shows the result from the heat gun and below is the iron. I thik the heat gun won this round too, although (to be fair) the outside edges of the ironing is nicely textured. The middle (likely too much heat) seemed to stay flat.

All of these will be additions to my 'component box' (thanks Arlee!) for future use.


  1. you're inspiriing me to get back to my garage and heat gun while its still warm enough to play out there...

  2. OOO love that heat gunned blue piece!
    The copper works well with an iron if you use a steam setting and just lightly rest it on the parchment paper. I LOVE this stuff :}

  3. Great experiments. Love the blue pieces - both ironed and heat gunned.
    Gets you hooked doesn't it, this burning and melting lark :))

  4. Love the copper - thanks for sharing. Thank goodness we're not in competition - you're way ahead of me. I like the idea of a "component" box - my stuff seems to be just shoved on a shelf or in a bag under the worktable.

  5. I love your pyromanic experiments, Mary Anne. I have been dabbling a bit too - in my garage mostly during "hurricanes". I'm trying to work thru that book by Kim Thittichai, but got to the beads and went "Nyah". I need time to play when I finish painting the house. Meanwhile, keep it up girl, love the copper stuff.


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