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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, how I wish....

......I could show you what I worked on today!! The latest Exquisite Corpse piece is in my hands and I'm inspired and so excited about what I'm doing. We are sworn to secrecy though, and I can't even show you a tiny little corner until they are all revealed at the end. Shucks! are a couple more pictures from our garden instead. The first one shows just part of the jungle we have going on here. A summer of rain (quite unlike last year when we had very, very little and things struggled to survive) has led to a total over-abundance of flowering things. I'm not complaining, mind you.
The second picture is showing three of the blooms on our hibiscus (found out the proper name). I know I showed it before, but I couldn't resist taking another photo. You can see Jack's hand propping them up so you have some idea of scale. Dinner plates come to mind! There are tons of buds on the plant yet to come, so we are hoping that the frost will hold off. Aren't they gorgeous?


  1. You know MA I would kill for a garden like yours--our yard-(I won't embarass it by calling it a garden)has a dead lawn and a few native shrubs and trees that are even struggling to survive.The water situation here is drastic and we made a decision that if natives can't survive then what hope in hell does a nice flowery shrub have .
    Just keep on putting more flowers on your blog and I can at least dream.

  2. Sheesh, it *is* a hibiscus! How did i miss that? Had it been wintered over previously by your friend who gifted you with it? Mulch it really well before the first frost!
    It's a gorgeous specimen.
    This round of the EC is exciting!

  3. Hearing your excitement over your current EC makes make realize what a lovely world of fabric art we share, especially after our wonderful art day last Tuesday. That Hibniscus is quite something. Even the texture seems to show up well on your pic.

  4. oops.... Looks like I've invented a new flower... s/b Hibiscus


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