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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sites, Squash, Fractals & CQ

How's that for a title that grabs your attention?'s a picture of our butternut squash crop. I have visions of brown sugar/butter and some soup dancing in my head. Yum!!

As for the sites, I have two that you should check out!
Janet Stauffacher of Vintage Vogue has been posting a series of crazy quilt block patterns for you to print out. Each one includes one of her vintage images, which are absolutely lovely.
if you are interested in fractals, take a look at the ones here:
No affiliation with either of these companies, but they are both worth having a look at.


Paula Hewitt said...

Yum!- thats a great haul - i have just planted the seeds fo our butternuts - only one has started to unfurl as yet. we make a yummy pumpkin (we call them butternut pumpkins here) soup - Asian/Thai style with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, palm sugar and fish sauce.

Doreen G said...

Love butternut pumpkin soup and I sure could make a lot with that haul.

dogonart said...

Kaffe Fassett (sp?) based part of a quilt design on a pic similar to yours. Lovely harvest. Do I expect you to arrive on my doorstep with one?

Tricks said...

Hi Mags,
I read what Paula wrote about your squashes and just had to drop by but then when I saw your haul, well, I now have to ask what your secret is, please, I tell you what, if you can tell me how comes you grew so many so well, I'll let you in on what I do with mine.
I live in the South of the Uk. Last year I grew quite a few. Not anything like the numbers you have. this year I couldn't get them off to anything like a good start and in the end I had loads of plants but only one fruit. I love butternuts and I just want to grow loads for the winter. Please let me in on the secret to your obvious success. Hopefully waiting with my recipe to exchange. Tricia