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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inspired (mumblings, of a sort)

I have had a wonderful artsy inspiring day with my friend Irene and now have all sorts of ideas percolating in my little pea brain and am absolutely dying for more time! First we went to a place called 'Gallery On The Lake' at Buckhorn to see a fabulous showing of mixed media art by Hilary Rice. If you go to you can see a slide show of some of the pieces. Awe-some!! I'm sure they must have wondered about Irene and I, because we went around the whole show with our noses practically pressed up against each piece of art. (Isn't it 'the thing' to view art from afar?). We had to see every detail and there was plenty to see (and inspire). I want to do this stuff!!!! (We won't mention that Irene & I dashed to the car afterwards and make lots of notes for future reference).

We then stopped at a lovely little gift shop where I was a very good girl and didn't buy anything, despite being quite covetous about several things. Then it was onward to visit an art showing in our local gallery here entitled 'Letters Home' by artist Linda Finn. Sorry I can't show you pictures of any of it though. It also is a mixed media show - she used copies of old letters from the world wars to create her art. Very sobering, but also very inspiring.

We finished our day with coffee at my favourite local coffee house and then stopped in at the florist that is close by to pick their brains for artist materials we could use. The picture shows the 'stuff' we scored. Don't know quite what I will be doing with it yet but there sure are lots of possibilities.

I had a great day, in great company, seeing great things. I'm a happy camper!


  1. so many possibilities, so little time.... You sound very excited :-) Hope you can translate some of that into your new work :-)))

  2. AHA! That pale print is a form of Lutrador!

  3. Mary Anne, isn't it just a classic that we textile people look at EVERYTHING as a resource for our projects, VBG. I regularly browse the local $2 junk shop for materials for my kids' classes. For instance I recently bought 2 fleecy throw rugs(for $5 total)to cut up for a decorated scarf project for them, cheaper and quicker than going all the way to the fabric barn 3 suburbs away. Must visit my local florist supplies shop next!!
    Thanks for that idea,


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