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Thursday, September 25, 2008

New (to me) toy

I lucked out (I think!) when I was gifted with this little thing. It's a Rhinestone and Stud setter. Unfortunately it didn't come with any rhinestones OR studs (of any variety...two-legged or otherwise) so I'm not able to test it. It came with instructions, which is a good thing - and it tells me what types of 'bits' I need to get. Now just have to hope I can track them down somewhere. For now it looks pretty cool sitting on my worktable.


  1. I can imagine the odd gem turning up in a crazy quilt block :-)

  2. There were a couple of "studs" climbing around my roof today. Any use?

  3. And i bet some of those "studs" were "gems", right Irene? :}
    I always wanted to buy one of those "stud finders".....

    Seriously though--i'd be slappin' rhinestones on everything if i had one!


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