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Monday, September 01, 2008

New books!

I hope everyone has been having a great long weekend! Isn't it ironic that the last long weekend of the summer should be the best weather we've had all year?

This book is a new one I got the other day and I love it! I had read about it somewhere on the internet and it sounded interesting. There are all kinds of techniques to explore in it and tons of eye candy. I like the fact that none of the supplies are overly expensive or, better yet, things I already have. These two books were in our local Friends of the Library sale this month and I snapped them up. I'm not quite sure what the attraction was for the Celtic designs, but they caught my eye and maybe will be useful at some point. The other book was a find! It has a teeny bit of water damage on the top but not enough to harm the book. It also has tons of information and gorgeous full-colour pictures. I thought these were worth $1 each!


  1. I have the Sherril Kahn book MA--thanks for reminding me I was looking for some projects to do and remember that there were some good things in it.

  2. Isn't that funny--i just re-read my SK book a couple of days ago----it's a great one for inspiration and technique!

  3. Total bargains, lucky you. I must go looking for the Sherril Kahn book, but they're so expensive by the time they get downunder.


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