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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Strange and puzzling?

Here are two scans of the several print-outs I've done of the latest colours for the TIF challenge (see The top one is taken from the ColourLovers site and the bottom one is from Sharon's own site. The colours showing on both places on my screen have the second colour from the right as being gold, while I'm showing pink when I print them out!! (Before you ask, yes I have lots of ink in my printer, so that's not the problem).
So, an executive decision has to be I go with what I see on the screen or with what I printed out? Hmmm....
After much thought and looking through my stash I've come to the conclusion that I'm going with my printout - mainly because, at this point, there isn't much pink in the challenge blocks up until now and there are a couple with gold. So...decision is made (altho I'm still puzzling over the discrepency!).


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    It looks to me as though it is a pink with a gold stripe. Perhaps your printer cannot distinguish because the gold stripes are so tiny?

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    What is really strange is that on your blog they both look pink to me and on Sharon's it looks gold on the screen, What a strange thing

  3. If you have the time, check your computer guide. There must be something about checking the correctnes of colors, either in your computer, or in the photo editing software you are using. I fell upon that the other day while trying to get the best of Photoshop Element. Just a hint.
    Thank you for your comment on my sampler :-)

  4. Curiouser and curiouser--very weird indeed.

  5. My computer shows a beige slightly gold on Sharon's site and pinkish on your site..... Curiouser and curiouser.


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