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Friday, August 29, 2008

Random creative moments

Yesterday was our CQTeer meeting (a small craft/art group I belong to) and the first couple of pictures here are two of the atc's I did for our exchange. The theme of the first one was 'Urban Moments' and what better image to illustrate that than graffiti? Do you remember Kilroy? He seems to have fallen from favour, but I can remember his image being all over years ago. (As a side note regarding the use of graffiti in art, please visit Allison Aller at and see what she's creating using graffiti...way cool!). Our second theme was 'India'. Trolling around on the internet yielded some interesting images of henna art and led to the creation of this atc. I can't remember the rubber stamp maker to give credit, but the copper trim on the right side came from ArtChix Studios.
The final two pictures, which I forgot to crop!) are the front & back of a fibre book page I made for Irene whose theme was faces. The title of this is 'The Faces of My Creativity' which I carried out by making the left side of the page using denim and the face being somewhat normal. The first side of the page, the face is black and the background is some fabric I created using a dusting cloth as the backing. Paint, threads, Angelina too.
This shows the back...just a piece of Laurel Burch cat fabric and a quote I found on this site:

To answer some questions from the post yesterday...for Christine...the yellow 'thing' I have stuck in my pocket is a long piece of plastic (somewhat like a yardstick, only pliable) covered with a soft felty fabric which is great to clean under really low pieces of furniture (like the refrigerator). This one is a commercially made item, but I'm sure you could make your own. To answer the other question...yes, I went to her house and NOT the local coffee shop!! Altho, come to think of it, my favourite coffee house here would have taken it fully in stride and not batted an eye.


  1. AHAAA, I think we have those clean under the furniture thingies here, but as I'm allergic to housework, VBG, I've never owned one. If the vacuum cleaner doesn't reach, it doesn't get cleaned at my house. Except when Spring Cleaning fever hits, my house gets a "lick and a promise" clean. Life's too short to do housework, isn't that the saying, LOL?
    Thanks for the info though,
    and a very cute photo.

  2. Hi!
    Today I'm creating labels for the ATCs in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition but I can't resist sneaking a peek into some of the blogs while I work. I'm so glad I looked in on your wonderful blog. You can come to my home and clean any time wearing anything at all! Any cleaning is a good thing! Your recent TIF piece is fabulous! Good luck with the bees. Did they at least bring some honey? Thanks for sharing and especially for trading with me!
    CYBER FYBER and also

  3. Hey, I'm glad you liked my graffiti crazy quilt experiment!
    Love your image inspired by India....


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