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Saturday, June 02, 2007


OK...who would have dreamt? This is my first (but not my last!!) attempt at rust dyeing.
I've been reading about it on different sites on the 'net and decided that I ought to give it a try and now I'm hooked. Of course the men in my family think I'm more than ready for the one-way ticket to the insane asylum. They simply couldn't figure out why I wanted 'rusty stuff' from the workshop. "What - you want THAT nail? - it's RUSTY - here, this one is much better" were just some of the comments I got while I dug about in what they consider to be their domain looking for treasures.
I made a mixture of vinegar and some salt (added a bit of water, but didn't need to), wetted down a piece of waste fabric (this piece is cotton) and wrapped the rusty bits into it. I put the whole mess into a plastic dishpan and set it in the sunroom to cook. Keep it moist for a day. This morning I unwrapped my experiment and this is what I got!! This is exciting and, better yet, cheap to do. I rinsed it well and hung it out to dry. DH promptly informed me that the neighbours would be thinking I was hanging out something covered in poop ( appreciation for ART). I was so excited that I immediately put another piece of fabric on to cook. Can't wait.


  1. I've yet to try this--intentionally at least--we all have sheets with rusty peg marks :} Looks great1 I'm lucky--my man appreciates the fact that *i* appreciate junkyards and rusty bits!!
    Got the package you sent--you are SO generous-- now i'll have a leg to stand on :}THAnk you!!!!!

  2. I love to do rusty fabrics the only thing I do differently is I tie the bundle up with thread tightly and then I put it into a plastic zip lock bag and this helps to keep it moist.If you use embroidery floss to tie it up you will have rusted thread to stitch it with as well.


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