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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mumblings about nothings

The only creativity done around here today was to frog-stitch some denim pockets so I can re-use them and lug two big totes of books to donate to our Friends of the Library group. Pictures of denim pockets aren't interesting, nor is used books! So...I shall mumble today about a few things.

#1 - I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming all the way, into the computer age and am continually on a learning curve. Today Arlee invited me to join FaceBook. Yep...uh huh. One more thing I know nothing about. However, being that it was Arlee, I figure I might as well give it a go and with a sense of adventure have joined. 'Course now I have no real clue as to what to do with it now I've got it! However, it will come clear as I muck about I'm sure...won't it?

#2 - No rust experiments being done at the moment because I'm waiting patiently for DH to remove the door off the chimneria (sp?) which is a cool grid pattern I can use. He claims he doesn't care if I get it rustier than it already is.

#3 - Kym dropped in yesterday and told me about using copper pipe and ammonia to create interesting effects and I'm waiting for her to send me the actual recipe. Apparently it turns fabric somewhat into a vertigra coloration, which sounds really cool. Think I should be able to combine it with my rusty 'stuff'. Need to rummage around in the men's domain again to see if there's any copper lying around anywhere.

#4 - Kym also relieved me of a filing cabinet and a chest of drawers which were destined for removal from my workroom. Yes! - two more things gone.

#5 - Speaking of 'gone', I finally convinced DH that he really should go through his woodworking magazines, carving books and gardening books and cull out the collection. The magazines have all been sitting in the closet for over 8 years and never even been looked at and I know they won't. He has lost interest in carving and the gardening books are rarely looked at (only a select few that he really likes). Well, we lugged 4 large totes of magazines & woodworking books out to a man who actually might use them yesterday. AND, we took 2 large totes to the libary today of the carving/gardening collection. Wow! I never thought a man would EVER part with anything and he did! There's still a couple of piles of carving magazines to go. We have gained 4 shelves of space in the closet out of all this too. Woo hoo!! I guess seeing me get rid of all the excess out of my workroom has inspired him. Now, if only the men would do the same with the garage/workshop...sigh.

#6 - Question - can anybody tell me how clothes manage to shrink while they're hanging in the closet? It's one of life's mysteries.

#7 - All this cleaning and culling I've been doing has proven to be so very satisfying. The sense of guilt I've been carrying around for too long is lifting...guilt because I wasn't actually doing anything with the 'stuff' I had and, because it was sitting there, it weighed on my mind and soul. All the wonderful (at the time) instructions for this and that I had printed from the 'net don't appear so wonderful now. My tastes have changed and I look at something and wonder what on earth I found so enticing about it in the first place. Now I intend to only print off something I will actually use/do within the week...otherwise, let it go. Artistic/crafting trends change so rapidly right now and there's no sense keeping what is 'old news' - besides there's a wealth of info on the internet at any given time and lots of search engines to help me find it! Looking around my workroom now and seeing actual space (!) on my shelves and space on my walls is so gratifying.

Oddly enough, I don't even feel guilty about getting rid of a lot of my craft books, some of which I've spent an insane amount of money for. The ones I'm keeping are the ones I intend to use now. If I don't, they too will go. Set them free so others can enjoy them!!

On that note, enough mumbling for today.

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  1. Well MA all that soul searching has made me think.
    How come you can do it and I can't.


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