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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A drop in the paper bucket

I'm recycling, with a vengeance! There are three huge bags of fabric going out to the recycling tomorrow AND I've filled another large bin with 'stuff' like what you see in the picture. I have an entire filing cabinet *full* of patterns/downloads off the internet/ideas and the lion's share of it is destined to go out, out, out. Why on earth do I feel I have to print out every single thing I see that I just might (key word is 'might'!!) want to do someday? 90% (or more) of it I've forgotten I even have. Yikes. What you see in the picture is just a mere fraction of what I chucked today. Yeah, me!!
I also finished another denim tote bag, but since I've already posted pictures of those, there's not much point in showing yet another one! If you're really curious, scroll down....


  1. Oh Mary Ann--- Could we be sisters by any chance. I often wonder how many trees I have "killed" with all the paper "stuff I have stored away in my room.

  2. I stopped downloading and printing too------it's a compulsion!!!

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    sounds familiar MA ...


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