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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pretty Poor Pictures!!

The picture quality is awful and I apologize. Of course I forgot to recharge the camera!! Anyway, I have been working today making atc's for the CQTeer group exchange. The set in the picture are done using the alcohol ink/photo paper backgrounds I did the other day. I did the ladies using the packing tape transfer method and stamped the word 'Joy' on black paper (which doesn't show at all in the picture!).
The rose atc background is from a book of wood engravings, highlighted with a bit of blusher and eye shadow. Our topic this month was 'Men' and the quote on this says: "Men are like roses, you've got to watch out for the pricks". I'm really not intending to malign men generally, but you have to admit there *are* a few out there!
Picture # 3, which is REALLY out of focus, was the most fun to do. I covered the outside in duct tape, highlighted with some copper washers. The quote inside says "If it can't be fixed by duct tape or WD-40, it's a female problem". Both quotes came from this site: 

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