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Friday, June 22, 2007

A day of experiments

My friend Kym and I had an interesting day playing with Adirondack Alcohol Inks and trying out different applications. I had a package of photo paper for the computer which worked out really well and will make great backgrounds for atcs. We discovered that it was best to put a light coat of rubbing alcohol on the photo paper first - otherwise the inks dried too quickly, as shown on the piece in the upper left of the picture. We also found that using makeup sponges dipped in rubbing alcohol first seemed to work well. The striped and the plaid piece - I put stripes of color onto a makeup sponge and then dragged it across the photo paper.
We tried using it on old cd's and on bottle caps and were relatively pleased with the effect. I don't think my picture shows it to complete advantage. We tried sprinkling salt onto the wet inks too, but that really didn't work too well because the salt tended to absorb the inks too much. I think it would have been better had we used rock salt.
Lastly we tried the inks on aluminum foil. I wiped some rubbing alcohol onto the foil first and then dropped ink onto it. You can see the results in the picture. One of the foil pieces I left flat and the other I crumpled after the inks were dry.
Now it's on to making atcs with the results!


  1. Looks like you've been having fun! I've tried them on photo papers and metal tape but have yet to try them out on foil and cd's. This is going to be very enjoyable.

    Thanks for showing them!


  2. Well MA we seem to be working on the same things again.Last Wednesday a group of us worked with alcohol inks doing things like you with the same results.
    I am booked into a class soon to be shown how to use these inks properly so I will let you know the results.


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