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Monday, June 04, 2007

Beauty and pain

Two pictures today. The flower is a night-bloomer in our garden and is absolutely gorgeous. We have to be careful though, especially in the spring, because the foliage looks suspiciously like a dandelion and it's altogether too tempting to haul them out without thinking. They bloom from now through most of the summer which is quite remarkable. It's fun to sit outside at dusk and watch them open. First they start to tremble and within about half an hour they've gone from bud to full bloom. This happens each and every night with varying numbers of flowers on each plant.
The crazy quilt block is one I'm working on in a hurry for a special quilt being made for a member of our quilt guild who is undergoing treatment for cancer at the moment. A number of us are each making a block (of any sort) which will then be put together into a 'friendship and prayer' quilt for her. I have less than a week to do my part, so I'd better get busy!

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