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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Experiments (and a tutorial - of sorts)

I'm doing two experiments with this post. I'm going to be away tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can manage to have this appear while I'm gone. Moving into uncharted territory again, so don't be surprised if it doesn't work!
The picture shows three versions of my other experiment. Supplies used were basically just some watercolour paper, old folk art paint, gesso, a cheapie paintbrush & some water.
Basic technique: I coated a piece of watercolor paper (cold press - 90 lb) with gesso & let dry. I used a light coloured folk art paint, watered down to a fairly runny consistency and then glopped over the dried gesso. Let dry. Layer three: another coat of watered down paint in a different colour. Let dry. Layer four: another coat of watered down paint (quite watery consistency), which I left on for a few minutes and then blotted off.
Hints: I found that I liked a fairly textured coat of gesso to begin with. The first layer of paint should give a fairly solid colouration; the second coat looks best brushed on and then dabbed off slightly in order to let the first colour show through. Gold looks nice as the top layer!


  1. Well. So much for my noble experiment!! I hit the 'publish' button by rote and oops - there it is. Oh well, my intentions were good!!

    p.s. I'll be 'teaching' this technique at our next CQTeers meeting

  2. I LOVE the bottom one--looks like skeleton leaves or fossil prints--VERY nice!

  3. This looks really fun. I think I will try it. There is another way to make spiffy paper with watercolor paper, watercolor paints, and iridescent medium. Lemme know if you want to hear more.


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