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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving, Studio Friday, and The Quilt

Studio Friday had an interesting topic this week the 'Variety of Bulletin/Memory Boards in Our Studios'. I actually don't have a very big bulletin board..just a 3" strip of cork running under my shelves. In case you're wondering the naked Barbies are waiting for me to have time to alter them. It's one of THOSE projects that I haven't yet gotten around to doing. They are 'artfully' displayed hanging on a toilet paper holder at the moment. I had a bright idea (which really wasn't a bad one) to hang a roll of toilet paper in my space to use for icky fingers, spills, etc. It worked in principle, until we ended up with the kids cat. Cosmo is a one-cat demolition squad and absolutely adores grabbing the end of the roll and seeing how far he can run with it. Sooo...that explains the Barbies! Let's see him try to run with them!!

The other picture shows another area of my bulletin board, showing the 2007 Call For Entry for 'The Quilt:A Breast Cancer Support Project' . I know I've mentioned it before, but in case you're interested their web site is and my entry for 2006 is EastB-400 (All I Want for Christmas...). I haven't checked lately to see how the bidding is going.

We had most of the family home for Thanksgiving. #1 son's girlfriend had a bad cold and opted not to come, which was too bad 'cause we missed her. #2 son and his girlfriend (and #1 son) were here, along with Jack's brother and his son. We partook of entirely too much turkey and all the trimmings of course. Tonight we had what we call 'pickins' which is the turkey carcess (minus the bones) thrown in a large pan along with the leftover dressing and gravy and heated up again in the oven. It's the absolute best%

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