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Monday, October 02, 2006

The sky is falling!

Remember Henny Penny? I've decided that, instead of the sky falling, our walls are bulging. I feel like running around like Henny did, squawking "The walls are bulging, the walls are bulging". Can anyone tell me how so much 'stuff' manages to find it's way downstairs and disappear into the great abyss without the walls giving way? I dunno. It has to be one of those life's mysteries.

In case you're wondering what brought that on (you were, right?)...I've just been struggling to find places for the latest packages of wonderments I keep coming home with from my friend. She delights in buying me little things (like beads AND teddy bears) and then I have a hard time putting them somewhere. She's a dear old soul tho, likes to think she's my adopted mother, and I haven't the heart to cry uncle.

On another subject. This week on Studio Friday the topic was 'Toot your own horn'. Hmm. You know something? That's a pretty hard thing for me to do. I don't feel that I do anything particularly worth tooting about. I was taught never to be boastful so there is no way I could begin to brag about anything I make. I stumbled across this on the internet, quite by accident, and found it to be an interesting read. If you can't reach the site with that link, try I've signed up for the newsletter.

The 100 Details for 100 Days series on SharonB's site is over, which is really quite sad. I, for one, will miss all the wonderful embroidery details every day. The first week in January she is starting another series where we will be exploring different stitches. I'm looking forward to it!

P.S. The picture today is of some of the apples on our tree!

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  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Toot Toot Toot! Magpie -I'm doing it for you - you do lovely work whether embroidery ATC's or whatever. As well as all that your pictures on the web are great.
    So put that in your hat and toot it!
    don't be shy. Be honest!


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