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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Promised picture

Here is what I was working on yesterday, altho the scanner didn't take a real good close-up. It's a little doll made for our CQTeer challenge for this month. We were given a set of hands and feet and could make anything we wanted. Altho it's hard to see, she has a sun for her face (an old earring), a crystal for her bellybutton and a piece of really nice furry trim for a skirt. Her hair is a fibre I had, which, when I attempted to straighten it, turned into something frizzy and wonderful. A happy accident!

The other two items are two of the Halloween theme atc's I made for our swap. I used the 'burned glue' technique for the background on the witch card and the images came from the internet. The other card is just stickers covered with a piece of plastic netting.

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