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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pictures and a rant

The pictures today show the work I've just completed on another round robin piece I'm working on. The threads and buttons that look purple here are actually pink!

As for the promised rant...I have a love/hate relationship with velcro. I love it when it's commercially installed and all I have to do is USE it, however when I have to INSTALL it is when I get upset. Royally P'd if you want to know the truth! After many unsuccessful attempts in the past I thought I finally had the problem solved. They make velcro now so it has some sort of adhesive on the back. Ah Ha! That solves the problem of trying to pin the darn stuff in place and make it stay put until the sewing machine can do it's thing. NOT!! Now the afore-mentioned glue just manages to gum up the sewing machine. To say nothing about breaking the thread every chance it gets.

Now I look forward to having to hand stitch the opposite half of the pieces, because said sewing machine can't get in to do it. I remember all too well what hand sewing is like with that stuff. Oh well, I don't need that pint of blood anyway....

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  1. It's the user, not the product, lol. Never have a problem (wink)


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