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Friday, October 20, 2006

Needlework Festival

Jack took Kym and I to the Needlework festival in Toronto yesterday and these pictures are of my
'haul'. Looks like I managed to cut a bit of the pictures off. The green book/magazine at the top left is the Somerset Workshop 2...which I have been coveting for ages. The Altered Art magazine is something new (at least new to me). Diamond Glaze, which I have heard so much about and haven't been able to find locally. A cool new rubber stamp, which is perfect size for ATCs.

The second picture shows the Mini-Ephemara book (which comes with a CD)...over 400 wonderful images for art work! Alcohol Inks, which are something I've been wanting to test out, and in the middle (unfortunately I pretty much cut it off) is a can of Bo-Nash powder, which came with a large teflon sheet and a tube of repair 'stuff' for vinyl and such.

All in all, a fun day. We saw lots of things of interest and both wished we had won a lottery prior to going.

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