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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nature at its best

We went for a walk at the local conservation area on Sunday with the kids (and the dogs), which is where I took these pictures. I'm still more or less playing around with my digital camera and trying to learn some of the functions.

This is one of my social butterfly days where I spend more time drinking coffee with various friends than I do at home. Had my bones adjusted at the chiropractor, plus the dogs have gone for their grooming.

I'm also on a cleaning kick. Do you ever find that your house reaches a certain point in the 'scale of dump' and you just have to do something about it or you will go crazy? Right now I feel as though the whole thing is just a giant landfill with piles everywhere that need sorting, throwing, and/or filing. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I need to get back on the treadmill and it can't be seen for boxes and assorted garbage that has been thrown in there over the summer. There are at least five boxes of 'treasures' boxed up and ready to go to charity and once that gets out there might be some room to move in there. However, how can I do anything creative when I have to shovel garbage? It's like a plague.....

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