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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Magpie's Mumblings

Interesting Day
Today we had our usual Saturday morning breakfast out and then made a trip to Home Depot to look at 'stuff' for our new bathroom. Fun, but hard to envision what things will actually look like when they get put together. We already had our main pieces picked out, but had to settle on taps, towel rods, paint colours and such. We ended up going for the brushed nickel look for the taps, etc and some rather dark laminate flooring. The walls will be partially white beadboard with green on top. Hopefully it will all look good together. Can't wait!

Then I managed to con Jack into stopping at both Chapters AND Michaels! Didn't find either of the books I was looking for at Chapters (really wanted the new Mason-Dixon knitting one, but they didn't have it)...but....I did get my own private personal (mine, mine, all mine!) copy of 'Pockets, Pullouts and Hiding Places'! Now the library won't have to accuse me of having their copy out on semi-permanent loan!!

At Michaels I scored a number of things (but only one was something I actually went there to get). I got a set of cool paper shapers scissors; an embossing pad & a thing of powder; and four rubber stamps for $1.50 each!! Not bad. I went looking for something called 'gel medium' and ended up getting two things...something called 'Decoupage & Collage Gel' and some 'Memory Mount'. Dunno if they will do the trick, but will experiment later.

Tomorrow we have to be up early because Bell is coming to install ExpressVu TV. Not quite sure what the neighbours will think if they start drilling into our brick outside TOO early in the morning!

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