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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why, oh why?

Todays pictures are of a couple of teddy bears I made, using old fur coats. They were both special orders and very fun to do.

To explain the title of this particular post...why, oh why are computers so complicated? The first disaster (if you choose to call it that) is that, when Shawn tried to install the program for the new digital camera, the computer locked up and absolutely refused to do anything. He, being computer literate, backed up and re-installed. Problem solved..right? Wrong! Still didn't work. Ok, so I can keep trying (even though I have NO clue what I'm doing!). Problem two...why, oh why when one thing is changed on your computer does it have to affect something else? My carefully noted instructions on how to scan pictures and post them here are no longer valid. Suddenly what WAS there, isn't. So....after much use of creative language, I think I got that figured out (again).

I swear, there's a gremlin living in this thing...

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