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Friday, April 21, 2006


Isn't this beautiful? I don't know the name of the plant, but it's some sort of cactus. The leaf these flowers are on, is broken part way through and it still blooms! It has already had a single flower and this time there are three. They start out as little non-descript pinkish flowers and you think that is all there will be to it. Then they keep growing and eventually end up looking like this. Each flower is about three inches long. No smell, but they don't need to have when they are this pretty.

Today I have most of my clothesline full of old jeans and jackets that are waiting to be entered into my denim stash. It's going to take me a whole day to cut it all up so that it works in my storage system. There's no sense in me keeping the holey or stained parts...I just don't have the room in my 'studio'! I guess I had better get sewing so I can use some of them up!!

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