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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another picture

This picture is of the small wallhanging (18x18") which I donated to 'The Quilt: A Breast Cancer Support Project" in 2005. It sold for what I thought was an obscene amount of money, but I was delighted to be able to donate to the cause. I have done this for several years and intend to continue as often as I can. I donated another one in January of this year, but unfortunately the pictures of it are still in my camera waiting to be developed. I'll post one if they turn out!

Got our final estimate for our bathroom today and it looks like its a 'go'. I can't wait! Living with a bathroom that is straight out of the 50's just isn't my style. It wouldn't be so terribly bad if it weren't pink (yeew) and if it didn't have a full wall devoted to mirror! Who wants to see THAT much of their body when they get out of the shower, particularly at our age!!

Now I'm off to attack another one of my UFO's. Wish me luck!

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