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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another art doll

Meet Doll-e-Pardon, the floozie fairy. She is definitely a trollop, in more ways than one. She sports numerous words on her body all referring to being a 'loose woman' (had to consult the thesaris for some of them!). Her body is made from some recycled wild fabric probably dating back to the 70's (most likely was a caftan). I picked the material up at a Value Village and squirrelled it away for a doll someday and Doll-e was it. She has old watch faces for her 'boobs' complete with dangling twirlers. Her wings were another experiment...organza fabric for the base, with wire for supports. I zig-zagged over the wire a couple of times. Her hair is another hairpiece with fibres added. Her cheek tatoo is an of the ones made from shrink plastic. She lounges in her lawn chair, just waiting for a man.

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