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Monday, April 10, 2006

Busy weekend, busy Monday

Sorry folks, no pictures today. I haven't had time to scan anything and have yet to have time to play enough with the digital camera to post pictures. It's been a busy few days! First, we had our boys home for the weekend (with all the muss and fuss that entails...mainly laundry!!). I have yoga class on Monday mornings and our local quilt guild meeting this afternoon. The Guild meeting is always quite hectic. I'm the librarian and in charge of approximately 350 books, which explains why things can get so hectic. I will be giving that position up in June, so am looking forward to actually enjoying the meetings for awhile.

We had some wonderful quilts on display for our show and share this time. Some of the ladies are SO talented! With two hundred members, I guess it stands to reason there might be some pretty good quilters. I certainly can't count myself among them! 'Sane' quilting is not my thing...I much prefer crazy quilting, which I suppose fits my personality better. Doesn't stop me from loving what other people do though.

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  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    hi girl friend, awaiting digital images !!!! my quilt group had it's meeting today also and our big treat was a lady 'singing quilter' can't remember her name but she was fabulous and her hubby has gotten in on the act too. She writes songs and performs them, has several CD's and has been on Simply Quilts. Quite a treat for our wee island I think.


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