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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Internet was down

My internet was down for several days, hence my lack of posts. Amazing how out-0f-touch I felt too. It's funny how dependant we become on computers!

Yesterday we had our family get-together here and, being a potluck, we all ate far too much. Even trying a little bit of everything leads to a plate that's much, much too full! Too bad the boys weren't here, because they would have cleaned a lot of it up.

Today we went to a garden show, which was great. It's fun to see all the nice growing things and think about how our garden will look once it starts. Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures later on so everybody can see what Jack works so hard at.

I really wish we were rich though...there was a wonderful decorative art piece at the show I would have brought home. They use bottoms from wine bottles and various 'bits' of wood, metals and whatever to create wonderful collages. They also make wind chimes using bottoms of bottles, which the lady said they heat in a kiln and then form. Really cool stuff, but at $189 for one of the collages they are a little steep for my budget!

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