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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Treasure trove!!

These are all pictures of my ancestors! My cousin visited today and brought me two albums full of photos, plus a small heap of cabinet cards (only a few of which are shown above). I have happily spent the afternoon scanning and photocopying what I might be able to use in 'the book' or in the next one (written by the original's son). There were also a number of family photos from my dads life (some of him when he was a young man) and some from my generation. To say I'm thrilled is the understatement of the year!!


Quilt Pixie said...

It is wonderful when old photos can get to someone who will appreciate them :-)

arlee said...

That lovely young woman on the left there is so you!

Dolores said...

The history behind old photos. I love it. Sadly, my parents' old photos are long gone. Lucky you.

Doreen G said...

Lucky you MA--what are cabinet cards?
We probably know them as something else.

yvonne said...

Love old pics like this. BTW have you been to to check out putting a book together? I've heard it's great.