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Friday, July 27, 2018


Here's a wee look back at 2012....

In May I showed this felted bag....

During that period I was making quite a number of different felted bags and this is just one of them.  The pattern is the "Southwest Style Bag' from a Paton's booklet called 'Fabulous Felting'.  

I'm going to simply send you to THIS post from September of that year to read more about what I was doing with this...

In October I completed these...

November saw me working on these Christmas stockings...

The first part of December I completed work on this...

A hussif - and you can see more details if you go HERE.  

And at the end of December I finished making this from remnants from my denim stash..

The pattern came from HERE and is an adaptation of Kaffe Fasset's Jewel Squares from the book "Glorious Patchwork'

- You can get free access to a great organizer bag HERE

- Sometimes the simplest things are the best and you can see why HERE.  

- You can get lost browsing through all the free patterns HERE!

- For those of you who end up carrying a ton of loyalty cards, perhaps one of THESE might be just what you need.

Another of the anonymous quotes..."Just remember that whatever you put up with, you end up with"


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Hi Maryanne wow you do such beautiful work ,and so many different projects they are all stunning,well done my friend xx

  2. So much lovely stitching here, Mary Anne. Each pretty is brimming with creativity and lovely details.

  3. I love everything you create and am enjoying this stroll down memory lane with you. I have been so busy over the last few years of selling my home, packing and unpacking and packing again and finally moving to do more unpacking that I believe my Muse has decided to permanently leave. Your pages from September are truly Special...just like You MA. xo

  4. All such beautiful projects Mary Anne! Love them all... 2012 is just before I started blogging, so I hadn't see any of the projects you have shown here or in your other posts! Really enjoying this series! Christine x

  5. Gosh! It is fun looking back on what you created. All beautiful!


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