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Monday, July 23, 2018


Today we will re-visit 2008 and 2009, just for the fun of it.  In 2008 I was in the middle of creating Santa Claus's similar to this one I created in November of that year ...

obviously my picture-taking abilities needed a
LOT of work!!

I also did a number of this type of beaded buttons...

And, just for a change of pace, I even stenciled a wall!
I've done this same wall twice.  My friends had it 
done once and a number of years later wanted to
re-paint and asked me to recreate the original.

2009 marked the beginning of a year-long
art doll round robin collaboration and in June
 I sent out this poor nekkid little doll..

AND, through the wonders of modern technology,
here she is as she looked when she returned 
home to me, approx. a year later!

Her name is Shudayra!!
If you want to see further details, have a look at my post found HERE

In August of 2009 I was hard at work making a ring bearer's pillow that ended up looking like this...

- THIS is a really pretty crocheted vest pattern.

- One of THE most talented embroidery artists I know (as well as being an all-around nice person!) is Karen Ruane.  She has just announced her newest online class and I can guarantee you will love every minute of it (if past classes I've taken part in are any indication!).  You can read more about it HERE.  And if you don't know Karen, please have a peek around her blog and be prepared to be awed and inspired!!

- If you know someone who is a fan of nail polish, perhaps you'd like to make her one of THESE bags?  

- I found THIS post to be many different variations on an exploding needlework box  (also known as etuis). The blog isn't in English, but there is a translate feature...altho' you won't need it.

- THIS intrigues me!  What embroiderer wouldn't like one of these to hold embroidery supplies??  Or how about making one (or several) of THESE?

Today's quote is from Mel Robbins..."Don't tell people your dreams.  Show them"


  1. Love that you have turned your hand to such an eclectic mix of creative projects Mary Anne! It certainly makes life interesting!! Particularly love the stencilling and the doll! Christine xx

  2. MA Dear your many talents continue to bring me great joy. Looking back at your creations is very inspiring. Lots of interesting links to give added ideas to the ever growing lists of “someday”. As for the quote...maybe I am missing “dreams”. JOYful July <3

  3. Nice projects, your beaded button is lovely.
    Thanks for the links.
    Amazing embroidery on the sewing kits too.

  4. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Hi Maryanne wow your work is stunning,love the santa and the doll,your work is always beautiful,well done my friend xx

  5. Your stitching talents never cease to amaze me. Such precision and so NEAT haha! That naked doll made me laugh!

  6. It's great to see the many things you have been doing over the years! Look forward to more soon? Thanks for the links.

  7. What fun creations. Shudayra sure had a transformation! What a fun idea that was.

    1. We did several art doll round robins and it was great fun. Unfortunately postage costs had to put an end to it.

  8. They are all great! I remember your ring bearers pillow and the doll transformation is amazing!

  9. I am in awe of the doll and her journey (I did flip back through your posts).


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