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Friday, September 14, 2012

A finish - of sorts!

Some of you may remember me taking part in an on-line course given by Carole Brungar called "The Road To My House" a few months ago (oooh - maybe even a year??).  Because wall space is at a premium here in the apartment, I have chosen to cut the original wall hanging into three pieces and add them to my embroiderer's ledger.  Here are the results...

Page one...

Page four...

In the middle I have a loose page that
includes the title (a quote from a song by
Neil Diamond)....

which is backed by another house...

(oops, it's missing a doorknob!!)

The houses I have attempted to depict in this are all ones I have lived in (with the exception of the larger one).  All the other little details reflect things that have special meaning to me.  Free motion embroidery is something that I'm definitely not good at, but have had a great deal of fun trying out.  


  1. This has turned out so well. I love the idea of using it as pages in a book. The stitching on the machine in this way is not my favourite technique either but I did like the concept of the wall hanging.
    It is good to see the finished piece and I love those houses.

  2. This looks great! I love the idea of stitching your different homes over the years. It's like a little peek into your history.

  3. A great way to incorporate more of your work into an integrated whole---wonderful!

  4. Gosh yes, smashing to have them in the ledger and how lovely that they are personal to you as well!
    It will be a fitting accompaniment to the family history diaries you have.

  5. These are all wonderful! I like them cut up and re-configured...All those bare outlines make me want to color them in!!! This is a great idea. Thanks for telling me about your course.

  6. They look lovely!!! Also, don't sell yourself short on thread sketching the houses.....not everyone could portray them with as much skill!!!

  7. Your 'Road to My House' is amazing MA.
    I really wanted to do this class with Carole but my Janome machine is THE BASIC, I just couldn't get going with free motion stitching.
    Having said that Carole had a go on it one day when she was up this way, of course she managed very well and did something that resembled a house!!!!
    Any tips from anyone will be gratefully received!
    You certainly nailed this challenge - I'm in awe of what you achieved.
    I hope it's in a prominent position where all can see!

  8. Oh this has turned out special and very creative!

    You must be very pleased MA!


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