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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I got nuttin. I got nada. Nothing, not a thing. So.....

Now my latest barn is done, it's time to switch gears and come up with something that will be hopefully useable for the winter issue of the Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine.  Unfortunately, that particular project isn't one I can share on here until after the magazine comes out.  So....casting my mind about for something....anything...I can possibly mumble about, I came up with doing a little retrospective of my blogging years (I know...b-o-r-i-n-g to those that have stuck with me all those years) and perhaps re-share some of my favourite things I've created.  I apologize in advance for the dismal picture quality of much that you will see - my camera wasn't the best back then.

My first post was March 20, 2006 and I must admit even I'm surprised that I've found enough to bother mumbling about for all that time!  If you're interested, you can see that very first post HERE.  

One of the posts I did that year was all about fear (part of a Studio Friday challenge).  Upon re-reading what I wrote I realize that nothing much has changed from then until now.

Back then I was a member of our local quilt guilt and, along with a couple of friends, I was attempting to encourage an interest in crazy quilting.  Perhaps it's no wonder it didn't take off with the members, particularly when three of us decided to create these....and model them....

This was my version of a crazy quilted
art bra - entitled "Two Cats in A Bag
Yowling to Get out'
Above, the outside, and below, the inside

There was some fear that we would be drummed out of the guild but fortunately everyone saw the humour in it.  Our bra creations then went on to be auctioned off for a breast cancer fundraiser.

2006 was also the year that I attempted my first (and, come to think of it, appears to be the ONLY) project done using reverse applique.  This was the result...

This is what I said about it....For those who are wondering it's a pattern from 'Seams Like Glass Designs' by Lise Merchant (who happens to come from Whitehorse, Yukon) called 'Chickadee Dee...Dee...' (obviously). Reverse Applique and machine quilted. Size is approximately 27" square.

AND - today we checked out a thrift store and I lucked out and came home with this...

Did you notice the price tag?  All that beautiful pearl cotton for the princely sum of $2.99 minus 30% because it was senior's day!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

- HERE is another something further on the Christmas in July theme.  Cheap supplies - and ever so cute when done!  Says it's for kids - but I think it's adult-able too!!!

- THIS one is really nice too!

- if you have a wee little girl in your life, I'm pretty sure she would think you were the best mama/grandma in the world if you were to make her one of THESE.

- Have a look at the art done on tea bags HERE

Another anonymous quote..."You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy"


  1. Laughing so hard over the bras... You guys have quite the sense of humor for sure. Love the stain glass quilt. hugs, lj

  2. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Hi Maryanne love those crazy patchwork bra's and i love your reverse applique you are so clever my friend xx

  3. a retrospective of blogging, a mammoth task. I actually don't think it's boring. Look at the memories it brings back. I also think it could inspire, an old project inspiring a new one.

  4. Fun projects!
    Don't you love those amazing thrift store finds!
    Thanks for sharing that quote.

  5. MA Dear you should win an award for blogging tenure! Congratulations. How very brave of you and your cohorts to create CQ Brassieres. So very clever and such a worthy cause. Years ago a friend had a Brassiere party and everyone...male and female were to create a bra and wear it. Totally fun and for another good cause. I love your links and especially the fabulous tea bag art. I am green with envy. Excellent quote today. <3

  6. Loved seeing some previously blogged items Mary Anne! Loved the crazy quilted bra! Great that it was auctioned off for such a great cause! Hugs Christine xx

  7. As a relative newcomer to your blog, I enjoyed the peek back at some of your earlier projects. The crazy quilt bras... with kitties inside. lol How great that you were able to use them for fundraising!

    And those teabags! I am initially baffled that someone would see these as a canvas for creating something so amazing. So intricate. And just as I'm about to ask "Why?" "Why would someone do that?", I realize I don't care why. I'm just glad someone did! It seems too ridiculous to say this about an old stained teabag, but they are magnificent.

  8. I hear ya. I haven't been blogging as long as you, 2010, but as I surf through the net there are ideas that come back to me that I learned throughout life that I like to share. I love surfing through your blog! There seems to be certain times of the year when there is a blogger's block?

  9. I started blogging in 2009. I enjoyed seeing some of your earlier work. I'm not one to share the good with the not so good - That's just me. I think it marvelous that you 'bare your soul' to all of us.

  10. That must have been some fashion show! That pearl cotton is a great find.


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