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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Flub.....or Fix???

A flub or a fix, that is the question.  What do you think?

the area in question is/was the grass on the right behind the embroidery

You can also see some other changes have happened since I last shared a picture.  There has been some stitching, highlighting and shadowing done on the barn (and those pesky boards!) and the base for a tree limb has been added.  Now to add some of those fussy cut leaves to finish that area.

- THIS is an interesting technique for sewing curved pieces for a quilt.

- Go HERE for several ideas for using vintage linens.

- Have a look at the sweet wee bird's nest embroidery tutorial HERE!  (Thanks to Mary Ann for the head's up about this).

- If you follow THIS link and look on the left hand side (scroll down a bit) you can sign on to get access to a very good (and better yet, FREE) online quilt magazine.  On the right side you will notice the option to pay a little bit to receive a more in-depth version of the magazine.  I've been on their mailing list for the free version for quite some time and I find it interesting every single time and so I'm quite content to continue without upgrading.

- THIS is a really cute little bag that would be perfect for stash busting (and for gifts too).

- THIS is one of those projects that is quick and easy to create and yet is so pretty too.  You could, of course, wrap the hangers in batting first, to make them cushier. 

- Most of you know I love denim so of course THIS caught my eye! 

- I stumbled across THIS really interesting blog post and thought I'd share it with you.  Some good food for thought there!

Today I have a definition for you..."Stashcovery:  That moment when you rediscover an item in your stash that you forgot you had"


  1. I had to go back and look at the picture from the 7th to see what the issue was (I was so fascinated by seeing the indoor of the barn that I didn't even look for the area that you were frustrated by). Seeing both pictures today it appears that you have somehow faded the light areas in the fabric behind the flowers. Looking at the first picture, when I noticed the blue in that patch of fabric, I imagined it to be little river rivulets flowing down the hillside (that was easier to do when looking at the small picture, less easy when I enlarged the photo). But seeing the blue faded to shade of green today I have to say, I like that better. Don't know if this is one of those trade secrets, but I'm really curious what you did. I'm so impressed, Mary Anne.

  2. I don't think it's a flub. Looks like you added some green. I love that row of wildflowers. It's amazing to see all the differences when I pull up both pictures. Great work!

  3. It's looking amazing!
    Nice details and stitching too, Mary Ann.

  4. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Hi Maryanne i think it looks fabulous,i cant see anything wrong my friend i think you are so clever xx

  5. I think it is totally brilliant Mary Anne! The 'fix' is great and the details you have added are fantastic! Are you happy with it.... that is the main thing! Christine xx

  6. Fix for sure! That bird embrodiery post was very interesting! Thanks

  7. Mmmm......I really must be bleary eyed as I can't see the "flub". I am loving this barn. I am loving the progress in each post.

  8. Good Morning. I'm not sure what you did to that embroidery area but muting the background somehow is perfect. The tree limb sure balances the picture. This piece is looking really good. Pinterest sent me an invitation to get lost in Future World. Shoved me right off the wall....sow or sew. Yay SEW wins!!
    xx, Carol

  9. LOVE this barn!!!!!!!!!! Looks like some around here--but then Canada has so many fascinating ones--and here's one more :)

  10. This looks lovely. But then again I've been MIA!

  11. You certainly create great barns!! Lots of imagination goes into these. Congratulation

  12. This is great and I look at an enbiggened photo to see the gate...well done. Thanks for the links..I will check out the food for thought one.

    1. Thanks Jocelyn. It was fun, once I figured out the logistics of how to create what I wanted.

  13. Fan-tastic! I'm impressed by your tree branch; timber marking (I thought I was looking at the original photo) and converting the roof from one piece to aged sheets of cladding;..... and definitely by your plank framework.

    Without doubt, you are on a roll with creating great barns.


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