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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

A hodge podge?

There's not much happening on the creative side of things here at Chez Magpie.  It's hot.  Hot.  Hot.  My little sewing room doesn't have air conditioning so I have to rely on a ceiling fan and a portable fan which is okay most of the time but when it gets this hot even they don't stand a chance.  Fortunately we have a portable a/c unit in the living room so there's one room that's relatively cool.  

So.....instead of progress on my latest barn, I'll show you what part I'll be working on next.  This will require a ton of ironing (and there's no way I'm standing over a hot iron in a hot room at the moment).

All those different strips of different colours represent boards that are in the barn....each one will be cut from fabric and then pressed into place....with (hopefully) careful attention as to how they're woven together.  It's the most intricate depiction I've tried to do so far so it could either work....or not....

- THIS is one of those things that you really want to study to discover all the amazing details that went into it.  So pretty!!

- Have a peek at the absolutely amazing embroidery done by THIS artist!

- And the work of THIS artist too!

- I may have sent you to THIS link before (sorry if I can't always remember because I've done so many!!) but it's one of those handy little cheapie tools that can make your life SO much easier!

- THIS is definitely a beautiful crochet project - and would hold your interest throughout I think.  And have a look HERE to see some amazing colourways for the project.

- THIS would be fun to make for a young person in your life - lots of play value!

- I need a summer housecoat.  Mine is a heavy velour and it's h-o-t and I NEED a cooler version.  Stumbled across THIS and now I'm on the search for a pretty sheet so I can make one too!  I think, even with my limited clothing sewing abilities, that I could manage it.

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  1. Looks a very intricate design Mary Anne, will be looking forward to when it is cool enough for you to get started!! In the meantime, keep as cool as you can and don't forget to drink plenty! Christine xx

  2. The robe idea is definitely one I can get behind. I'll sew it by hand, like hand sewing best. Thanks for the link.

  3. That embroidery art is amazing! I'm speechless, in fact. The housecoat is so pretty and the sheet it's made of is gorgeous. If I had a sheet that pretty, though, I think I'd want to sleep on it. ;^) Looking forward to seeing what you do with those many strips you're preparing.

  4. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Hi Maryanne lots of work in these barns ,keep cool my friend xx

  5. You have already shown what a good builder you are. Hopefully the heat will go away so you can get busy with those planks.

    Love the fascinating embroidery in the second link and the flowers too.

  6. Great technique to delineate each “board”! It is Hot Hot Hot here also .... we have only one air conditioner also but I think in the room I do most of my stitching in! Great links!

  7. You're off to a good start, Mary Ann.
    Temperatures are warm here, not hot yet, I'm thankful.
    The shabby chic basket in the link is beautifully embellished, what fun.

  8. Those strips look so interesting. But agree not something to do in the heat!


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