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Friday, December 07, 2012

Hussif #1 finish!

I just finished working on the first hussif
(the one that I will teach at our local
quilt guild in February).
Here's the debut photos!

Above shows the hussif folded.
Below is the outside, unfolded...

Below shows the inside, with all the 
pockets closed. 
There are sections to hold scissors,
a thimble, pencils or pens, and there's a pincushion
built in as well.
There's an additional opening behind most of the pockets
for even more storage of sewing treasures.

The final photo shows some of the pockets opened...

There's prototype #1, 
and now it's on to # 2!!


  1. It looks great MA well done.

  2. Its FANtastic! I love it!!

  3. That's a lot of pockets! Prototype #1 is fabulous!

  4. Oh wow, this looks great! Beautiful and functional.

  5. This is amazing - anyone who can do crazy quilting is held in my highest esteem


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