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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stitching! At last!!

Here you go...

Sorry that it isn't a great picture tho'!! 
The light just didn't want to cooperate.

If you click on it, hopefully it will be clearer.


  1. thats clever........patchwork shapes cut out I imagine then? Great stitching by the looks of it too!!

  2. Well, high time you got stitching, after all this organizing and tidying and such! this is lovely stuff. Is this part of your ledger work? I get Karen's emails and the occasional videos, and I'm getting tuned in better so I can follow her now. She's really lovely.

  3. Fabulous MA--I imagine your ledger is looking fantastic now.

  4. Were the cut out shapes paper? It appears to be cloth with stitching that is stitched into openings in paper? Am I close? Love the stitching and always love white and taupe together.

  5. I knew you would be great with this class. Good for you.



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