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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just a ledgering along....

Here's the latest spread in my sketchbook...

I can't thank Karen enough for this class!
I have learned so much
and I'm very happy with
what I'm creating.**
 Not only am I happy, but I'm having 
a lot of fun at the same time!

** well, I'm happy with everything, but my career in water color painting
will be VERY short-lived as you can see from
the appalling mess on the bottom left!


  1. don't sell yourself short! it looks fabm, the whole thing, and the watercolour is "interpretive" after all :)

  2. Good for you and well done by teacher Karen. It's always nice to learn but doubly so when one is enjoying it.

  3. Hoy! don't abandon you watercolor before you start!! it takes a lot, hundreds, of sessions to get something you really like out of it. You have plenty of leeway yet.

    The embroidery adventures seem to be just the ticket for you right away, though!

  4. Another great piece MA.
    I love the piece on the bottom right page.

  5. Another great set of pages MA.
    I love the piece on the bottom right hand corner.

  6. Oh I love this idea...looks lovely. xoxo Happy weekend.

  7. Agree with Arlee and I like what you've created. It's great that you are enjoying the ledger so much.

  8. I bet you've had tons of fun! I think your cherries look quite good. It took me 5 years to be happy with my wc paintings ('course, maybe I'm just so good job!

  9. What a great journal, I love it. I finally got back on my blog. I hope to keep at it regularly now. Thanks for your offer of help, it's really appreciated.

  10. nothing wrong AT ALL with the painting......behave yourself or I will put you in detention!!!


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