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Friday, August 24, 2012

Piles and atc's

Well folks, there's no real pictures of stitching today and when I do show you these photos you will understand why!!

Most of that mess is simply because of having to find
space for my new printer!!  

On another was our monthly CQTeers meeting and  our 'theme' was to create something using a cup and saucer die cut that Sue gave us as our inspiration.  These are what I came up with...

They're done on fabric, trapuntoed, and then painted.  I had some really shiny 'goo' that went over top to hopefully reflect the glaze that is on a 'real' cup and saucer.

Sue made the lovely one below - from paper, which is her forte.....


  1. I feel very at home here in your little space - MA!!
    It's just like mine except I have a bed in place of your couch! (in case we have more than two guests at a time)!!!
    New printer - no matter what - you'll find a spot for that!!!
    Love your cups and saucers on fabric, did you iron the image on first???
    I lOve anything to do with cups and I drink tea all day!!
    Have fun
    Shane x

  2. Sorry to hear about the piles....

    But the ATCs are very nice -- any others to show us?

  3. Your cups are stunning! Well done! Don't you find you have to make a HUGE mess to clean up? lol..
    big hugs,

  4. Lovely work on the tea cups. A lovely theme. Thanks so much for your message on my blog. It meant a lot to me to hear from you. Happy weekend. Love, Carolyn x

  5. lol space at a premium then! and heres me thinking if I downsize my home, Id more likely be disciplined and tidy - more often...but if I live without a printer then, I stand a chance? lol

  6. oops! buy something new and have to re arrange the whole house...been there!

  7. That new printer is going to be worth the mess. I have confidence you will find a good place to stash the stash...or just use it up quick ;-) Love your shiny teacups.

  8. I envy you your friendly group. What I wouldn't do to have one here. In Florida we meet every second Mon. but nobody does our stuff.

    I liked the teacups. What every Canadian girl received for shower gifts in my day. I have quite a stash.



  9. I love the work on the tea cups.Thanks for inspiring us.


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